How to Apply For Accommodation

Independent Social Housing

Thurles Lions Trust owns and manages social housing units at a number of locations including – Monastery Close, Butler Court, Dun Aoibhinn, Ikerrin Court and some individual houses at a number of other locations.

Anyone interested in obtaining a tenancy in these units must be an approved applicant on the housing waiting list of Tipperary County Council. If a casual vacancy arises in any of our social housing units, we will seek nominations from the County Council.

All applicants nominated to us by the County Council will then be interviewed to ensure they are suitable for the vacancy on offer.


Accommodation in The Stanwix Village

A similar process will be followed in 2022 when we are allocating the tenancies in the newly constructed and refurbished Stanwix Village. This development will have 15 one-bed bungalow apartments for a mix of elderly persons and others who have been approved on the County Council housing waiting list. These units will also be suitable for persons on the waiting list with disabilities but who are capable of independent living.


Monastery Close (Private Bungalows)

We have a number of bungalows that are available for elderly persons who would not generally qualify for social housing. While there are no vacancies, any one interested should apply to ensure that their name is on the waiting list for consideration should a vacancy arise. For further information on accommodation and how to access same contact Tom McGrath, Housing Manager   T: 0504-22751 Email:


Lion Matthew Bourke House (MBH)

MBH provides sheltered/supported accommodation for adults with mental health and intellectual disabilities and also persons referred to us for accommodation by homeless services. Persons in need of such supported accommodation, who may not yet be known to or approved by the statutory agencies can still apply to us for such accommodation. All applicants generally will qualify for rent support. For further information on accessing accommodation in MBH contact Marie O’Regan, Care Manager. T: 0504-24055 Email:


“At Lions, the underlying conviction is that human beings are not just individuals, but also communities. Our purpose on earth is not just to achieve personal success, but also to contribute actively to social progress.”