Independent “Move-on” Accommodation – Butler Court and and Dun Aoibhinn

There is an on-going issue in sourcing suitable one and two bedroomed accommodation in the private rented market for single persons. We have frequently struggled to secure such accommodation, and this creates serious difficulties for us and for those residents of Lion Matthew Bourke House considered ready to move to independent accommodation. The staff of Lion Matthew Bourke House support and work with those accommodated there in order to build their capacity. Utilising a “Care Planning” process the necessary supports are provided to the resident with the objective of assisting and supporting them to move to independent accommodation. Following their move to such accommodation the staff continue to provide “outreach” tenancy supports to assist them in sustaining their tenancies.

In 2011 and again in 2016 we acquired suitable apartments at Butler Court (6 units) and Dun Aoibhinn (2 units). Both locations are private housing developments and the units now provide comfortable homes for former residents of Matthew Bourke House