Roscrea Lions Club Partnership

Lions Club of Roscrea – Housing Mission Statement

The Lions Club of Roscrea appreciates the opportunity that has been provided to us to work with Thurles Lions Trust Housing Association CLG to advance housing initiatives for those in need in Roscrea. We share a common concern with Thurles Lions Trust, namely the decay of our respective town centres and the ever-increasing number of vacant and derelict properties that is leading to this urban decay. It is our objective to preserve the street-scape of our Heritage town and to seek to achieve this through investment in existing suitable properties for the housing of elderly persons, persons with disabilities and those in need of housing.

The club has expressed its unwillingness to investing in ready to occupy housing units in newly built housing estates on the outskirts of the town. In addition, it also appeals to us that we would be helping to house people who are less likely to scale the “housing-list” easily e.g. the elderly and people facing challenges in their daily lives.

We are delighted to work with Thurles Lions Trust Housing Association to advance the acquisition and refurbishment of town-centre properties and bring life and footfall to Roscrea town centre.